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M&A Diligence and Integration

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We assist banks and private equity firms across the spectrum of M&A – from target screening, to due diligence, to integration – for target banks and non-banking financial institutions.

We bring detailed knowledge of the banking industry, customer behavior, and competitive dynamics that enables acquiring institutions to better identify, price, and maximize value from potential transactions.

Target Screening

We help acquirers identify potential target banks by combining publicly available data with our proprietary and benchmark data to assess banks’ customer loyalty, brand perception, and distribution attractiveness and competitiveness and evaluate their fit within the acquirer’s current business model

Due Diligence

We provide banks and private equity firms with expert and independent assessments of financial entities and assets. Two areas of exceptional depth include:

  • Valuation of bank deposit books (and, in particular, the estimated impact to deposits from rising rates, product re-pricing, branch consolidation, and other factors)
  • Commercial due diligence of non-banking financial institutions that seek to supply products or services to, partner with, or compete against banks


We assist acquiring institutions with the integration of the target bank. In particular, we specialize in providing acquirers with “Clean Room” analytics that enable a detailed assessment of the combined institution (typically prior to the transaction’s legal close date). These analytics leverage our proprietary insights on markets and customers to better evaluate the impact of potential integration decisions and optimize overall transaction value


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