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Branch Consolidation: Death Spiral or Sustainable Path?

To preserve franchise revenue potential, banks need a reinvestment strategy that will sustain customer relationships and sales momentum as branch count shrinks.


Canadian Banking Industry 3Q16

Outlook remains cautious despite record third quarter earnings for Canada’s major banks.


Treasury Management: The Case for Improved Value-Based Pricing

To optimize pricing in a way that preserves long-term franchise value, winning treasury management teams will learn to make precision tradeoffs within a systematic framework.


Primary Bank Role Pays Huge Credit, Deposit and Services Dividends for Commercial Banks

Novantas released the Treasury Strategies 2016 Corporate Treasury Survey revealing the primary bank position yields disproportionately large benefits in deposits and fees.


‘Stores’ No More: Wells Fargo’s Lingo Change Marks End of Era

“Across every branch network, understandably, there’s less traffic, and fewer reasons to come in,” Travis said.


Andrew Hovet Joins Novantas

Novantas, the leader in retail bank marketing and distribution strategy, is pleased to announce that Andrew Hovet has joined the company as a Director.

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