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Transformation Dilemma: Radical Efficiency Gains vs. Repositioning for Digital

In challenging industry circumstances, winning banks will define the next phase in their growth strategies and lay out individual paths to sustainable profitability.

novantas perspective

Commercial Banking Performance — 3rd Quarter 2016

Commercial LOB earnings recovered from last quarter’s one-time spike in loan loss provision


Deposit Promotions in Canada – A Race to the Bottom?

Banks need to clarify their deposit needs over the next few years and overhaul the metrics, skills and strategies used to drive deposit gathering.


Can You Beat the Credit-Card Rewards Programs at Their Own Game?

Credit-card reward programs can look like ridiculously generous giveaways. But banks have sophisticated ways of ensuring that the programs ultimately make a profit. “They’re no dummies,” Edward Niestat, managing director at consulting firm Novantas, said of the analysts who design reward programs.


The treasurer’s challenge: Enterprise-wide strategic funding optimisation in a multi-constrained world

Bank Funding in a Regulated Market


Leo Rinaldi Joins Novantas; Expands Company Expertise in Cross-Functional Banking Strategy

Novantas is pleased to announce that Leo Rinaldi has joined the company as a Director in the Marketing and Distribution Strategy Practice. Leo, a former executive at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, will expand and strengthen the company’s marketing and distribution capabilities in banking.

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