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novantas perspective

Managing Serial Correlation in PPNR CCAR Stress Test Models

Pros and Cons of AR Errors, Newey-West SEs, and FGLS

novantas perspective

2017 CCAR PPNR Planning: Eight Things to Worry About Right Now

In speaking with nearly all CCAR banks, the consensus is that this year will test banks to be even more diligent, comprehensive and thoughtful about their submissions.


Branch Role Chaos: Call to Action on Staffing

Retail banks must start preparing now for local branch sales in a digitally-eroded environment, which will require new standards for staffing analytics and planning.


Balance Sheet Management Capabilities in a Post-Crisis World

5th Annual Risk Americas 2016


Reviewing And Analyzing The 2016 CCAR Scenarios And Overview Of The Process

5th Annual Risk Americas 2016


Crisis in Promotional Deposit Pricing

As deposit price promotions gain fresh industry attention, their effectiveness is being undercut by diminishing returns.

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