Current Novantas Review Cover Role Reversal


Autoregressive Error Terms in PPNR Balance Modeling

Increasingly, executive viewpoints are needed in areas formerly delegated to specialized technicians.

Promotional Deposit Pricing: Getting Ahead of Diminishing Returns

Banks need to clarify their deposit needs over the next few years and overhaul the metrics, skills and strategies used...Read more.

Making Sense of Negative Interest Rates in the 2016 CCAR Severely Adverse Scenario

It finally happened: this year’s CCAR Severely Adverse scenario has a “severe global recession” with a negative three-month Treasury rate....Read more.

Banking’s Limited Recovery and the Challenges Ahead

While rising rates may provide a lift, urgent effort on multiple fronts is needed to rebuild or replace longstanding pillars...Read more.


Justifying Investments to Become a ‘Digital Bank’

While the banking industry agrees that investment in digital initiatives are required, determining the prioritization and ROI of these investments...Read more.

Banking for immigrants: Far-sighted

Catering to foreign-born customers is a growing niche in finance

Steven Luckie Joins Novantas; Continuing Expansion of the Canadian Leadership Team

Novantas is pleased to announce that Steven Luckie has joined the company as a Director in the Toronto Office.

Karen Graham Joins Novantas, Expanding Company Expertise in Customer Analytics and Cross-Sell Strategy

Novantas is pleased to announce that Karen Graham has joined the company as a Director in the Marketing and Distribution...Read more.


Precision Pricing to Optimize Deposit Margins and Growth

AIM Banking 2016

Daring to Be Different: Rethinking Checking Acquisition


Best Practices to Minimize Attrition and Maximize Volume


Employing Data: Putting It to Work for You