Novantas succeeds because of our people. We are a professional services company, and our services are the manifestation of the talents, energies, rigor and relentless commitment of our team.

As a team, we demand of each other extreme productivity and excellence, and we invest significant time and resources in our people to help them succeed. Our recruiting program is designed to identify individuals that show the greatest potential to contribute significantly, and ultimately lead inspirationally, as we serve our clients across the financial industries.


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When we admit you as an employee into the firm, we are committing ourselves to your success. careers_expectWe know that you have survived an extraordinary series of challenges: from your admission to a top college, exceptional grades and accolades, work experiences, as well as your successes and leadership in sports, volunteerism, publications, acting, politics or other interests.

You have earned the right to have expectations. Your career needs to one that merits your talents, energy, and commitment. So what should you expect from the next institution you join?

  • A continuous and precipitous learning environment. One that satisfies your craving for new trials and forces you to expand beyond your best efforts and demands innovative thinking from you each day.
  • Opportunities to apply your skills and talents against important issues that make a difference in the field you choose to work in.
  • Rapid advancement as a reward for success — perhaps more rapid than you are ready for.
  • An environment for respect and collegiality in an institution with the same commitment and passion for excellence that you have.

In many ways, these attributes are similar to those at the leading college you attended as well as companies you have worked for.

You should also expect to grow with the institution — to be developed professionally on the job, through active mentoring and diverse experiences. You should expect to be part of an institution that values your talent and believes in your future potential.

You should also expect to have fun! You should expect to enjoy the company of your co-workers and have the time and opportunity to pursue your interests outside of work.

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Ask any advisory firm or investment bank what kind of people they look for and most likely you will hear some variation on these themes:

  • Extremely smart
  • Analytical
  • Good with people
  • Highly motivated
  • Works well in teams

Big surprise. Everyone is looking for the same type of candidate. And obviously we too are looking for the best candidates from the best companies and schools. But aside from platitudes, what does it mean to be “the best candidate”? For us, “the best” means the following:

  • Possessing a high velocity intelligence – that is, both smart and fast
  • Being perceptive and instinctive in finding the important points among the data
  • Demonstrated obsession with solving problems rather than reporting them
  • Commitment to delivering extraordinary results
  • Being self–disciplined, self-motivated, and intellectually productive
  • Focusing on output (results), not input (hard work)
  • Displaying social grace, self–assurance and diverse interests
  • Having a track-record of demonstrated achievement and leadership
  • Illustrating the ability to formulate and pursue hypotheses
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We hire experienced professionals who are seeking to more rapidly advance their careers and want to work in an environment where they can truly make a difference. Novantas recruits continuously throughout the year through web-based job postings and through our in-house recruiting webpage. careers_prof_rectruiting

Our experienced professional recruiting for Analytical Solutions seeks individuals with strong product development and technical skills in statistics, econometric modeling, UI design, database, and software engineering. Our Advisory Services business seeks experienced consultants and marketing professionals with strong client relationship capabilities and banking expertise. Our Corporate and Infrastructure teams seek individuals ranging from executive assistants to professionals in hardware and software engineer, accounting, procurement, and help desk support.

To find information about our experienced professional recruiting needs and to submit a resume to Novantas, please send an email to or click here.[/spoiler] [spoiler title="Undergraduate Recruiting" style="fancy" anchor="undergraduate-recruiting" class="undergraduate-recruiting"]undergrad_recruiting

Each autumn, we recruit undergraduate seniors from selected universities, through the college career services offices, and through per-arranged on campus interviews.

The interview process typically encompasses informal interactions at our on campus information sessions, as well as interviews we conducted by telephone, in person on campus, and in person in our offices. If your college is among this where we recruit, and you are interested in arranging an interview, please contact your career services office as early as possible in your senior year, and request an interview with us.

If we do not interview at your college, you may submit your resume to us by e-mailing or click here.

Please hover over the logo or university name to see its respected recruiting calendar.

bryn_mawr Byrn Mawr College
western Canadian Western University
columbia Columbia University
cornell Cornell University
harvard Harvard University
haverford Haverford College
mcgill McGill
mit MIT
northwestern Northwestern University
princeton Princeton University
queens Queen’s University
swarthmore Swarthmore College
tufts Tufts University
uofchicago University of Chicago
upenn University of Pennsylvania
waterloo University of Toronto
waterloo University of Waterloo
yale Yale University
Specific event dates will be posted when finalized FALL
Full-time Associates
Career Fairs September
Information Sessions September
1st Round Campus Interviews September / October
2nd Round In-office interviews October
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Each spring, we recruit undergraduate juniors to become Novantas interns during the summer between junior and senior years. The internship program is an intensive ten week immersion in our business, and is designed to provide you an appreciation of whether our company and our business is right for you, and provide us with an appreciation of your potential to succeed in our company.

Summer interns are recruited in the spring of junior year, from a small set of universities. To arrange an interview, please contact your college’s career services office.

Please hover over the logo or university name to see its respected recruiting calendar.

columbia Columbia University
harvard Harvard University
princeton Princeton University
tufts Tufts University
upenn University of Pennsylvania
yale Yale University
Specific event dates will be posted when finalized SPRING
Summer Interns
Career Fairs January
Information Sessions January
1st Round Campus Interviews February
2nd Round In-office interviews February