About Novantas Solutions

Delivering expert, analytical decision support information requires a technology partner who integrates econometrics with a heavy dose of industry expertise. It’s not just what we do, but how we do it that distinguishes Novantas Solutions in the market.

Unparalleled industry and functional depth

We lead the financial advisory industry in the breadth and depth of senior industry experts in Revenue Management. Our solutions are designed by business experts to solve the most important issues faced by banks. We are leaders and learners in a unique partnership with the financial industry to improve performance with analytics that unlock customer profit potential.

Pragmatic science

We bring together our economists, applied math and stats PhDs with senior industry practitioners and business leaders, with the objective of translating the big thinker and experimenter insights into money-making customer offers, effective marketing campaigns and significant margin improvement. We let our competitors admire the problem. We obsess over the solution.

Clear Box approach

The models, algorithms and methodologies we embed in our solutions are transparent to our clients, helping us not only deliver answers you can interrogate, but also methodologies and techniques you can own and customize. Most solutions providers sell black box products and hide how they do their analyses. We believe our clients are the most sophisticated professionals in the industry, and our approach permits us to offer the right blend of expert support and technology in phases that work for your particular needs.

We let our competitors admire the problem; we obsess over the solution.

Across product and pricing, sales and distribution Novantas Solutions delivers comprehensive offerings via cloud-based technologies so you can manage the business while we handle everything behind the scenes. Our services include:


  • Benchmarking
  • Building the business case
  • Detailed Planning
  • Data cleaning and integration
  • Model calibration
  • Third party vendor specifications
  • Full back-up
  • Data storage
  • Vendor management
  • On-going for all staff – analysts, IT and executives
  • Continuous data refreshes, model re-calibration, and report development
  • Full service help desk

As an integral part of Novantas, Novantas Solutions services embed the experience, industry expertise and knowledge of Novantas Consulting executives, and provide a truly industry customized product for the banking industry. No other company so seamlessly integrates revenue management solutions and strategic management advisory services for the banking industry.


Novantas Solutions is a FinTech100 Company since 2011: One of the 100 largest, most successful global FinTech institutions.


Novantas Solutions is fully SOC 1 / ISAE 3402 Type 2 compliant since 2007. A critical capability in today’s banking services industry.


Novantas Solutions is a PCI-2 Certified Vendor, providing the highest level of security and data encryption technologies to protect critical client data.

PriceTek®: Pricing & Product Management Suite

Leveraging hundreds of pricing engagements, from global players to community banks, Pricetek®’s cutting-edge analytics, intuitive interface and proven methodologies have delivered significant competitive and financial advantages to our clients, in both low and high rate environments, for over a decade.

StrataScape®: Distribution Planning Suite

Helping executives manage a truly new era of customer behaviors and channel priorities, StrataScape® brings together the most innovative, dynamic and sophisticated analytics in the industry into a single, elegant package to execute high value network changes in both physical and digital channels.

SalesScape: Sales Management Suite

In banking, as in all retail businesses, physical distribution is undergoing dramatic change. The old model of service intensive outlets has been eclipsed by today’s demand for integrated physical/virtual channel support, sales-intensive activities, and self-service options. Getting this right requires that bankers have a set of performance benchmarks to track progress by outlet, and can measure performance relative to market potential. SalesScape provides a suite of products to help transform the old branch system into an effective sales machine by computing appropriate performance benchmarks, establishing and tracking goals overall and by activity, and supporting the field sales process with test & learn technology to improve effectiveness of the customer dialogue.

BankChoice Monitor™

BankChoice Monitor (BCM)™ is the only resource that continuously monitors what bank shoppers want, who they choose and why. Prior to BCM, banks were forced to rely on traditional market research for insights about people shopping for bank products. But traditional research data are almost always out of date, lacks depth because of small sample sizes, and most importantly, the survey respondents aren’t actually shopping for bank products when they’re being surveyed. BCM provides you detailed insights gathered from more than 50,000 active bank shoppers every month, while they are actually thinking about, and shopping for a bank.