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About Us

Novantas is the industry leader in analytic advisory services and technology solutions for financial institutions around the world.

We create superior value for clients by providing information, analyses, and automated solutions that improve revenue generation — across pricing, product development, treasury and risk management, distribution, marketing, and sales management.

Novantas work focuses on “customer science”. Our services help clients develop a deeper understanding of customer needs and behaviors, and translate those insights to rapid and sustainable improvement in revenue, growth, credit quality and profitability.

Our solutions for decision support and optimization are considered the industry benchmark for excellence, and our pricing systems are used by more banks than all other competitors combined. As a FinTech 100 vendor, we are among the largest and most trusted providers of technology services to the global financial industries.

Our sole industry focus since our founding has been financial services. We are the largest such fully dedicated enterprise combining analytical services and solutions and our industry specialists have worked with 80% of the largest global banks, payment networks, wealth managers and other financial institutions for the past fifteen years.



Wayne I. Cutler
Executive Vice President, Senior Client Manager


Sherief M. Meleis
Executive Vice President, Senior Client Manager


Andrew Frisbie
Managing Director, Pricing and Product Business Unit Manager


Pete Gilchrist
Executive Vice President, Global Treasury and Risk Business Unit Manager


Darryl M. Demos
Executive Vice President, Analytical Solutions Business Unit Manager

Kevin T L

Kevin S. Travis
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Distribution Business Unit Manager

Ethan Teas

Ethan Teas
Managing Director, Australia / Asia Pacific Regional Leader

Mike Rice

Mike Rice
Managing Director, Commercial Banking Solutions

David C. Robertson

David C. Robertson
Managing Director, Commercial Banking Solutions

Anthony J. Carfang

Anthony J. Carfang
Managing Director, Treasury Strategies

Cathryn R. Gregg

Cathryn R. Gregg
Managing Director, Treasury Strategies

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