Novantas, Inc. is the leader in customer science and revenue management strategy for the financial industries. A FinTech 100 Company, its Advisory Services, Analytical Solutions, Data, Research and Marketing services specialize in investigating and interpreting customer needs, attitudes, and behaviors in ways that help banks refine marketing decisions, customer strategies, and sales and service activities, and to accelerate their immediate and ongoing economic performance.

Over the past 15 years, Novantas has served more than 300 banks and financial institutions from offices in New York, Chicago, Toronto, McLean, and Boston, providing consulting, advisory, cloud based analytics and information services. Our mission is to improve our clients’ effectiveness in the targeting, selling, servicing, and retention of customers with the objective of making a tangible difference in the revenue performance of our core clients through a dedicated relationship model.

With more than 2,000 engagements across the financial industry landscape, Novantas clients include two-thirds of the largest fifty North American Banking Institutions, eight of the top ten card companies, five of the largest global brokerage and investment banks, and twenty of the largest banks in Australia, UK, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.