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Paul Kadin Joins Novantas; Expands Company Expertise in Digital Marketing for the Banking Industry


Novantas Perspective:
Commercial Banking Performance — 1Q15

Current results for commercial LOBs saw continued balance sheet growth, but shrinking profitability as spread compression continues.


Novantas Analysis Supports
“CBA By The Numbers”

A new feature on the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) web site allows users to see vital statistics of CBA members across each state. Data prepared by Novantas.


Novantas is a
FinTech 100 Company

Identified by IDC Financial Insights as a Top 100 global technology provider, 2011–2014

Premier Sponsor of CBA

The Voice of the Retail Banking Industry


Triage for Dormant HELOC Accounts

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Role Confusion in Commercial Lending: What Can Be Done?

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Strategically Realigning Digital and Branches

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2015 HELOC Consumer Survey

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Regional Banks Play Catch-Up with Branch Closures

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Marketing EDGE Names Eleven New Trustees to its Board

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Novantas Consumer Research Reveals a Growing Opportunity with Young, Digital-Friendly HELOC Customers

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Could Payments Innovations Leave Banks Behind?

New providers spring up offering cross-border transactions.


Winning Plays for Community Banks in a Tough Environment

Illinois Bankers Annual Conference

Developing and Executing a Modeling Gameplan: A Case Study

2nd Annual Stress Testing West Conference

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The Checking Game — Are You in the Running?

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